What Are The Frequent Causes For A Migraine Headache  Health News For Families

What Are The Frequent Causes For A Migraine Headache Health News For Families

What Are The Frequent Causes For A Migraine Headache

With the fast paced lifestyle we all lead nowadays, its not uncommon that more and more people are getting migraines as a result of the stress. This greatly affects our productivity, not to mention our quality of living. Thus, modern medicine has tried to come up with a battery of drugs to battle with this growing pandemic.

But even with recent medical and technological advances, most doctors and scientist still cant identify the specific factors involved in causing migraines. Some argue that it has to do with the amount of seratonin in our brains. They claim that when seratonin levels drop, the sudden imbalance can lead ot a migraine.

Migraines usually present with a number of symptoms. People often experience light sensitivities, with some saying that they can see colors or spots in their vision. Others claim that their scalp feels soft to the touch.

Mood swings are also a common symptom of migraines. People can go from happy to sad, calm to angry, right before a migraine hits, making it uncomfortable for the suffering person and the people around them.

Most migraines usually come and go, but one that lasts for days may be a sign of a more serious problem. Most stem from personal bad habits, such stress and an unhealthy diet. Sleep and drinking plenty of fluids usually help, but you can also take a few of the dozen available over the counter medicines designed to help relieve migraines.

With all that said, its important to reduce the amount of stress in your life. Not only is it unhealthy, but it is one of the most commont causes of migraine headaches. If you do get a migraine headache attack, just try to relax and find a quiet place to lie down. Pick some place dark, to cut the effects of light sensitivity, and apply a cold compress to your head, while gently massaging your scalp every so often.

Food sensitivities are also known to trigger migraines. Dairy and those containing dairly products, such as milk and coffee, can also trigger migraine headaches, as well as food addivites like MSG. Excessive consumption of these foods reach with a persons body chemistry, triggering the onset of a migraine headache.

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