Things to keep in mind when you’re carrying out the HCG diet plan

Things to keep in mind when you’re carrying out the HCG diet plan

There are a number of things to keep in mind when you’re implementing the HCG diet plan. The diet is probably one of several diets that provides minimal quantities of calories and to make this type of diet perform you have to firmly stick to its routines. There are methods to adhere to and these won’t be restricted to the diet recipe.

HCG diet limits calorie consumption to 500 calories a day exactly. A little over this amount can have negative effects. To ensure the calorie consumption level is maintained, the diet is particularly strict on the type of foods and amounts of foods you can eat. Measurements are to be followed without the least bit of deviations so that when the recipe says one apple weighing 100 grams, you cannot have two although their combined weight may not exceed the allowed 100 grams. Obviously you get more calories from two apples compared to one. The same painstaking adherence to measurements is to be applied throughout the 26 day program.

The manner of preparing foods assumes a crucial role considering the exactness of the calories the HCG diet allows. Hence, if the recipe says you can only grill or broil the lean meat or seafood that’s what you are going to do no matter how tasteless the foods you will be eating. The good thing is seasonings are not entirely disallowed. There’s a list you can choose from.

It’s not only the measurements and manner of food preparation that the program is concerned with. It seems that some cosmetics contain fats. You are not to use these kinds of cosmetics or other products that have fat in them. They prevent weight loss.

Apart from making certain you don’t deviate from the HCG diet routines, there are the demands of the HCG hormone that you’re instructed to ingest while you’re sticking with the diet program. You aren’t to ingest lower than 125 IUs or over 200 IUs of the HCG everyday. You’re likewise to instantly quit using the hormone once you’ve shed all the excess weight you want to shed even though you haven’t reached the twenty third day, the final day of HCG intake. Carrying on with the ingestions brings unwanted effects.

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