It is often extremely difficult to

It is often extremely difficult to

 ... of buttocks/Vaser liposuction of thighs with a medial thigh lift

It is often extremely difficult to get rid of the additional fat accumulated around the thigh, even with a tough regime of exercise and diet control. Liposuction, offered at authentic centers, helps you get rid of this unhealthy and unwanted fat, so that you achieve perfectly shaped thighs. New York City is equipped with technologically aided and licensed liposuction centers where you can attain your aesthetic goals.

The latest liposuction procedure is a minimally invasive technique by which the thickly deposited adipose tissues on the thighs are liquefied and extracted. The cosmetic surgeon inserts the cannula in this device into the topmost layers of the thighs to heat the fat deposits. The vacuum aided liposuction device literally sucks out the extra pounds of fat disfiguring your thighs and distorting your contour. Thigh liposuction using advanced devices is in many ways advantageous over traditional fat removal methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How much would a liposuction from the thighs (10kg of fat) cost (in an authentic plastic surgery clinic)?
    Please answer only if you passed a simmilar liposuction or if you work at a plastic surgery clinic.

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      In general,
      Liposuction (1 area) 00-4500
      Liposuction (3 areas) 00-7000
      Liposuction (5 areas) 00-10,000
      Contacting a plastic surgeon is probably the best idea for advice. These sites contain directories of plastic surgeons and have a lot of other helpful information…

    How fat do you have to be to get a liposuction on your thighs?
    I''m 20 years old and would like to get rid of some extra fat on my thighs to get skinnier legs. I weigh 55 kg, 168cm tall and wear UK size 8/10 but this thing just bugs me cause no matter how much i diet i my thigh area is the hardest part to get rid of fat. i want slimmer legs and i''ve come to realize my only chance of that is through surgery.

    • ANSWER:
      Don''t do lipo. Once it''s gone from your thighs, any fat you put on in the future may show up somplace your knees! Do you want that? Do the work necessary to properly remove the cottage cheese. I know many do not want to hear this- but it''s the God-awful truth. Remember, the longer you take to lose the weight- the more you will be determined to keep it off. Everything happens for a reason. You can have it come offf quickly- only to forever struggle with it coming back over and over again. Or, you can do it the long way- and be done with it forever!

    Anybody had liposuction to the thighs?
    I have had the consultation with the doctor but wanted to hear from someone who''s had the surgery,
    what was the pain like after?
    How soon does the swelling start to go down?
    Are the compression garments easy to get on and off?
    Is there a lot of seepage after?
    Do those saddle bags disappear immediately?

    • ANSWER:
      I didn''t have it, but know of two people who did. One of them was unhappy and had it redone due to the distribution of the fat that remained which she considered unsightly. Kathy Griffin has written her autobiography and put up pictures of herself before and immediately after surgery unretouched. Consider this major surgery. There will need to be someone to meet the patient''s home needs, and drive them back to have the stitches removed. It is uncomfortable. The change will show when the swelling comes down. As far as particulars, the doctor''s office should provide information. All surgeries, required or discretionary have risks. See if you can look at her book at the bookstore, just to see the photos.

    how soon after thigh liposuction surgery can I resume running?
    I have been advised not to exercise post surgery for 4-6 weeks but no-one has explained why not. I am desperate to resume training as soon after surgery as safely possible.

    Does anybody have any idea of the earliest I can resume running and/or why this is not allowed?
    Thank you for your replies. I didn''t realise I could cause extra problems by exercising so soon. It will be worth it in the long run but will be a long 4-6 weeks

    • ANSWER:
      4-6 weeks, PLEASE listen to your Dr. Exercising after surgery can cause trauma to the area that was liposuctioned. You can end up with prolonged healing, bad results, infection, bleeding (internally at the lipo site). You need to give yourself plenty of time to rest so that the muscles, skin and internal structures can HEAL properly and not be put under stress that running or jogging will cause.

    How much (approx) do you think liposuction of the thighs would cost for a 6foot (+) male in New Zealand?
    would anybody who has perhaps gone through with this procedure in New Zealand be able to please tell me?
    76 US cents
    48 Uk Pence to the Kiwi Dollar

    • ANSWER: