Twitter Leads And Sales: The 3 Step Approach

Twitter Leads And Sales: The 3 Step Approach

Twitter is a wonderful tool for Thought Leadership, for connecting with allied professionals, and taking the pulse of the market. However let’s not forget that it’s also very useful for prospecting for Leads and making Sales.

This evening I stumbled across this helpful account of using Twitter to prospect and sell on Copyblogger.

How to use Twitter to land more clients

After content marketing, the second most successful way that I land clients is through Twitter. Here’s how I do it:

Step One I click into the search box in my Hootsuite dashboard (you can do the same thing in the Twitter console).

Step Two I search for phrases that match the services I offer, then I comb through the results and find tweets that match people looking for my services.

Step Three Finally, I click through to the blogs from tweets that match my criteria and do one of three things: 1) Leave a comment 2) Submit a message through the contact form 3) Send an e-mail if an address is listed.

That’s all I do.

It’s so successful that I’ve landed more clients this way than through content marketing alone.

Granted, having meaningful content increases the chances that these clients will sign on the dotted line (or click through to Paypal), so content still reigns as king.

To be fair the author of this post Joseph Wesley Putnam goes on to explain there this system is not a silver bullet and takes work. However, it’s fair to say that prospects who are asking buying questions on Twitter are fairly warm, and being helpful and polite can certainly lead to doing business if not now, in the future.

Action Step

If you’re not already using a Hootsuite or a similar Twitter Dashboard head over to and try typing in some terms that prospects might use if they were asking buying questions. You may need to experiment with a few terms until you find genuine enquiries without too much noise or few to no results. If you’re already using Hootsuite or similar try some prospect searching.

Remember this is a conversation between two human beings not a digital spearfishing event. Be helpful, humble and position yourself as a trusted source not a $2 spruker with a tinny megaphone (you don’t want to be that guy).