November  2013  Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

November 2013 Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

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I promise all of this fits together

And the holiday season is upon us

I love peeps during Easter season and candy corn during Halloween season.  I promised myself I would skip candy corn this yearI made it without candy corn through Halloween!  Woohoo!  Then, my LEO and I ran to Walgreens yesterday (If you work from home like me you will understand thissometimes you get to a point that you must leave the houseeven if its a quick trip to Walgreens).  Of course, all the candy was 75% off so I decided I was going to get myself a treat.  Almost bought a big bag of candy corn but then settled for a smaller 5 oz bag.  Andyoull be proudI didnt even finish the bag in one sitting.  I had some last night and the rest today.  My point of this story is simple:  Its ok to indulge and enjoy the things you love in moderation.  I personally think its ridiculous and unmanageable to completely cut foods out of your life.  You will at some point binge on the food and likely feel bad about yourself afterward.  My 5 oz bag of candy corn satisfied me and isnt going to derail my long-term goals.

Speaking of Halloween, my LEO went as a gymnast/aerobics instructor and I went as Smurfette.  A friend took this picture of usArent we cute?

Speaking of an aerobics instructor(I told you all of this was going to fit together), I purchased a Jazzercise groupon last night.  About 5-6 yrs ago, when I lived in Nebraska, I loved JazzerciseI love the dance aspect of it and also the fact that there is time spent in each class toning.  I actually dont have super high hopes for the class because Nebraska is actually known as the Jazzercise mecca so Im not sure if any other city can live up to it.  The other great thing about Jazzercise is that you can make the class what you want it to beit can be low impact, high intensity, etc.  My LEO will be out of town again soon and I thought this would be a good way to get myself out of the house(I get a little mopey when hes awaymore on that in a different post)

What Halloween candy did you indulge(in moderation) in?  Did you dress up for Halloween?  Have you have taken Jazzercise classes?  Did you enjoy them?

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This is my pursuit of a life full of health. I hope you will join, stay, & participate. I''ll share what works for me and my lessons learned. I hope you will share yours as well!

I promise all of this fits together

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Disclaimer I am not a nutritionist, dietician, trainer, physician, therapist, etc. All of my posts/comments are my own view based on what I have tried and what works for me. I am firm believer that each individual needs to do what works and what''s best for him/her.

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