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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Good morning, y’all! Have you had your breakfast yet?

Are you a breakfast eater? Do you believe in breaking the fast as soon as you wake up, before you get your workout in, or after?

There are a lot of different opinions on this. When I first began my journey in health and fitness, I was a firm believer that I should eat breakfast before I did anything else in my life. That wasn’t always easy, I’m not really a morning eater. I would much rather have a cup of coffee and like, half a gallon of water.

A few months after I began studying and researching food, fitness, nutrition… I began to realize that maybe my body doesn’t need to be fueled as soon as I wake up. I’m actually a firm believer, now, that I boost my metabolism daily by doing cardio before I ever eat a bite. Now, I do still have my cup of coffee (plain black, dark roast, is my preference). Then when I come home from running, or walking, whatever- outside or at the gym, I nom out with some killer breakfast. Sometimes that might be eggs and left over baked chicken, or maybe peppered turkey and rice crackers (depending on what I plan to eat for the rest of the day- I am working on balancing out my carb distribution), or sometimes… I’ll splurge and have dessert for breakfast. Only, you’re really not splurging! Its so good for you!

Here’s your recipe!

Glow So Healthy Banana Split:

1/4c plain, 0% chobani
1tbsp all natural peanut butter (I have honey roasted that I just picked up at the farmers market- SO DELICIOUS!)
1 medium banana, sliced
3 strawberries, sliced
1/4c raspberries

Mix your chobani & your peanut butter up. Top the mixture with the fruit, and voila! Of course I used my Chobani spoon to eat it with!


This is also a lovely dessert or parfait for entertaining. Top it with carob or raw cacao for a more decadent feel!


So, What’s your favorite breakfast? Post a photo of what you love to eat when you break your fast! Tag the photos with #glowsohealthy on instagram & twitter!