Lemonade Cleanse The Fastest Way To Lose Over 10 Pounds In 10 Days

Lemonade Cleanse The Fastest Way To Lose Over 10 Pounds In 10 Days


The Lemonade Cleanse also called the master cleanse is one of the fastest ways to lose weight and to completely clean out your colon. Besides shedding weight, this Cleanse was created to detoxify your body from the inside-out helping you feel refreshed both physically and mentally.

Why This Cleanse

Although, this is not an easy cleanse, it is very effective for losing weight and losing it fast. In just 10 days you will completely reverse your health and the way you are living. But, the truth is that most people cannot last through the third day because they lack the right knowledge, tips, and discovered tricks that experienced users have developed over the years. Actually getting over this ’3 day hump’ is the hardest part of cleansing.

Luckily for those who truly want to do this cleanse there is an official guide written by Carol Greene called the Refresh Button. She has completed the cleanse 11 times knows the pitfalls, the right mindset, all the tricks, and the additional supplements that will help you through with great success. She is 100%b confident that with her help you will succeed and lose the weight you want to.

The cleanse helps you eliminate a good amount of weight in a few different ways. You can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per day as you continue the Cleanse. If you continue a healthy diet, you can keep this weight off for the rest of your life.

What Does It Consist Of

The great and wonderful thing about the Lemonade Cleanse is the simple and all-natural ingredients of the recipe. You can find everything for the lemonade mixture at your local grocery or health food market. The storage and preparation is very easy, this means anyone can simply whip up a batch of lemonade any time of day.

The ingredients consist of

* 2 Tablespoons (or half of a lemon) of Fresh Lemon Juice

* 2 Tablespoons of Pure Grade B Maple Syrup

* 1/10 of a Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper

* 1 – 2 Cups of Purified Water

You just combine these ingredients and drink them and you are on the road to a healthier future.

What You Can Expect

Besides the obvious weight loss you can expect to experience the following..

  • Increased Energy Level
  • Revitalized, Positive Attitude
  • The Ability to take Control of Your Eating Habits
  • Detoxified and cleaned out Colon, Removing sometimes POUNDS of Excess Waste
  • Better Metabolism
  • Clearing of Skin and Glowing Complexion
  • Healthier Sex Life
  • Regularity and Reduced Constipation

These are just a few of the awesome benefits this Cleanse will provide. Each ingredient a “superfoodwith its own incredible, nutritional qualities. The cayenne pepper holds a special compound called capsaicin, which will cause your metabolism to speed up and cause you to burn fat . The lemons actually alkalize the body and improve your digestion. And believe it or not the maple syrup gives incredible, natural energy, which is easy to burn, plus it tastes great!

What You Also Need To Know For Success

  1. You will need to know exactly what to do before and after cleansing to ensure you maintain digestive health.
  2. What other vitamins and supplements you will need during cleansing.
  3. All-natural daily laxatives to break up and flush away the stuff backed up in your intestines
  4. Tricks that will help you keep the weight off after you complete the cleanse.

Additional Benefits

In addition to a slimmer body and a colon that is clean, one of the most important things you will take away from the Lemonade Cleanse is the power to finally take control your mind and body. The focus and the determination you experience will stay with you, even after you finish your cleanse. You will just start saying “no” to junk foods without even thinking about it. Plus, you will begin to realize that the best method of self-indulging is to deny yourself of sugars and fats and fill up your kitchen with fresh and healthy foods. This is how we really indulge our bodies. The Lemonade Cleanse can easily build this mindset for you.

What Are You Waiting For

If you have been wanting to try the Lemonade Cleanse or you have tried it and didn’t quite make it past the 3rd day, then the Refresh Button~The Official Guide To The Secrets of The Lemonade Cleanse Diet~Written by Carol Greene may be what you need. This is written by someone who has been there and has had success-you will have a friend along the way to keep you on track. The Refresh Button is finally here to help you seize control of your weight and conquer the Lemonade Cleanse.


Here is what one reader of the Refresh Button Had to say….

“Hey Carol just wanted to send you this video and thank you for creating a great book, The Refresh Button. It really helped me when I was doing the cleanse. I kinda had been looking around for a cleanse to do and I came around your site LemonadeCleanse.com.

I got your book and really thought that it helped me through the whole process a lot. You pointed out some specific things to watch out for when doing the cleanse and I gotta say it really helped me to stick with it and not quit half way through. You helped me get over the hump and once that happened it was smooth sailing from there.

Since then I’ve lost a little bit of weight and feel pretty darn good – cant’ really complain too much about it. So like I said I just really wanted to send you this video and thank you a lot for writing such an informative book on the whole cleansing process. Thanks a lot!”

Ryan M.

Charlotte, North Carolina

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